Typing test. Become more efficient at nearly everything involving a computer. Save time, make more money. Typing test  for Beginners. Become more efficient at nearly everything involving a computer. Save time, make more money.

Free typing test for beginners.

Here you can test your average typing speed. Your wpm (words per minute) if you will. The test takes one minute and the timing starts at your first keystroke. Remember to warm up your fingers before you do the test. You can do this by doing the test half way and then press "Try again". When you type an error your input will stop until you type the correct letter. After testing yourself you can go on to the online typing exercises. Test yourself regularly to follow and appreciate your improved typing speed.
To start the typing test press "Do the test". Good luck.
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What is WPN?

WPN is simply an abbreviation of Words Per Minute, or to be more precise; how many words can you type per minutes. You can easily determine how many words per minute you can type. Simply do the above test. If you want to improve your typing speed, simply do these

How do you calculate words per minute typing?

You can either do the above test. That will automatically do the calculation for you. Or you can also simply time your self when typing in a text and then let your word processor tell you how many words you have typed in and do the math from there.

How can I learn to type faster?

Well, that is what this page is for. If you don't want to follow a strict course, you can also type in the same text over and over again. Start off with a text that mainly consist of the letters a,s,d,f,j,k and l. When you feel comfortable with these keys do a text that includes more and more letters. Remember, the text doesn't have to have any meaning. The important thing is that you type the same keys again and again until your fingers know by them selves where the keys are. You could of course put a little discipline into it and do the free typing lessons on this page :-)

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