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Spacebar = start || Esc = pause.
Keyboard Tillykke

Keyboard game.

The purpose with this game, is to make you confident at knowing where to find the keys on your keyboard.
The game has 25 levels.
The letter you see on the top of the page, is the letter you have to type.
If you type the correct letter, you will win one point. When you have 20 points, you will automatically be taken to the next level.
The game remembers what level you reached last time you palyed it.
You have 4 secunds for each key. 3 secunds when you have 10 points.
The keys you are training at the current level, will be highlighted on the keyboard shown on the home page. The first level will be exercising the letters 'd', 'f' og 'j', and for every level you will train one more letter.
If you haven't typed the right letter within 3 seconds, the key will be highlighted on the keyboard, to make it easier for you to find it.
If you don't type the right letter within the given time, you will lose one point.
You can always set the game on pause by pressing Esc, and start again by pressing the spacebar.
If you find a level too difficult, then you can always go a level down by clicking "Go level down".
If you wish to start all over, you can do that by clicking "Start over".

Best of luck.